Glucosamine Supplements

Matsun Nutrition is a USA glucosamine supplement manufacturer of liquid glucosamine joint supplements to help maintain the healthy joints of men, women, children.  We also offer a complete line for pets, including dogs, cats and horses.  Some of our most popular glucosamine products include: glucosamine joint supplements, vegetarian glucosamine, glucosamine for cats, dog and horses.  We also offer private label liquid calcium and magnesium supplements for those interested in over all body wellness.

As a glucosamine supplement manufacturer, we strive to help you start or build your own dietary liquid nutraceutical and supplement business. You never have to doubt out integrity when selling our products because have the sale track record to prove it. We can efficiently help you with creating and branding your very own product line because of our experience as a leading glucosamine supplement manufacturer. You can now stand out among the crowd using your creativity to market your own unique line of products to your specific target market.

As a glucosamine supplement manufacturer we’re here to help you bring your ideas come to life.  Give us a call to start building your nutraceutical empire today!

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