Pet Supplements

Matsun Nutrition is one of the most experienced liquid pet supplement manufacturers in the USA.  We have been specializing in manufacturing pet health supplements for pets for over 20 years.  This includes liquid supplements for cats, dogs, horses and other animals. In fact, one of our best selling pet supplements to date has been our glucosamine for dogs.  Some of the other supplement products we manufacture include:  vegetarian glucosamines, dog ear cleaners, anti-anxiety, and colloidal silver supplements.

To loving pet owners, pet health is always a must. As one of the best pet supplement manufacturers in the industry, we strive to keep both our customers and pet owners happy.  We make it simple here at Matsun Nutrition.  You can choose from our wide variety of in-stock pet supplements or we can custom manufacture a new formula to meet your specific needs.  We can even assist you in the private labeling process to help you create the perfect logo and bottle label for your new line of liquid health pet supplements.

Call Matsun Nutrition today.  We’re always ready to help with your pet supplement and vitamin needs.

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