How Supplement Manufacturing Improved In the Last 5 Years

In this era when beauty and health products are already considered as necessities and part of everyday living, manufacturing and selling of beauty/health supplements have become very lucrative. In recent years, companies of this type cropped up like mushrooms, making the market toxic- sold in drugstores, department stores, through networking, and on-line- with each company offering supposed “wonder products” guaranteed to do miracles in one’s health, body, appearance, and even color.

A lot of people became victims of unscrupulous companies, who only wanted profit, and false advertising— companies heralding their products as the ultimate solution to health, body and beauty issues depressing humankind.

Supplement Manufacturing and Customer Awareness

As beauty and health concerns has accelerated to the level of a basic right of some sort, demand for supplements- that could potentially provide better health, better appearance-face and body, and total well-being leading to happiness, as most of us perceive- has been extremely high! Many companies took advantage of such demand and manufactured and sold all sorts of “promising products”.

In this time of advanced technology however, customer complaints, disgusts, sufferings, and documented damaging effects of such products more often than not, find their way in the social media. Customers now can easily put on their comments, reviews through online sites, blogs and other avenues— this has proven to be tremendously helpful in making people aware and more careful on what Companies to trust and what products to patronize.

People are wiser now to use various search engines (yahoo, google, bing) to instantly review the maker of intended supplements, read the Company’s profile and track record, and look for helpful reviews before purchasing said products, especially on-line sellers.
Because of the power of social media- where a simple issue can be translated into a national concern- a lot of untrustworthy companies intended to con customers, eventually lost sales and closed down to the benefit of the consumers. What are left are the companies with undeniable good reputation both in providing quality supplements (FDA approved companies) and good customer service like, customer returns if unsatisfied.

Stricter Policies for Supplement Manufacturers

Since, supplements unlike drugs, have no approved therapeutic claim, companies before were given a free hand in manufacturing and selling their products. But with the many damaging effects brought about by this set-up, Government agencies follow stricter guidelines nowadays.
FDA has been more vigilant in evaluating the components of supplements. FDA in particular, has been stricter in the testing of supplements from certain countries with known reputation of using “fake” or “harmful substances” just to cost cut and earn more profits.

Customers and Their Right for Quality Products

Finally, Companies should always understand and take into consideration that a lot of ordinary individuals, in their desire to be beautiful and healthy, even save to afford these supplements. It is therefore the duty of every descent company to ensure the quality and effectiveness of their products (as seen on labels) to make meet customer expectation. Customers have the highest right to the value of their money

With these stricter policies, active social media, and other certifications which customers can readily search and verify on line, manufacturing companies for supplements have no choice but to improve customer satisfaction and build a solid reputation to stay in business for a long time.